Ca'Linda, a prisoner rape survivor and mom, wrote "You told me to remember that my life matters no matter where I lay my head at night."

Words of Hope

Your messages made Milo’s year! In December, we asked JDI supporters to write holiday greetings to prisoner rape survivors. Now, we’re hearing from survivors who want you to know how much your words mean to them.

Until Milo got your cards, 2014 had been a year to forget. He had spent most of the year desperately trying to bring his abusers — all of whom were members of staff — to justice. Appallingly, the prison and local law enforcement refused to do anything. “I am devastated and hurt that society is shutting every door,” Milo told JDI. “I would so like to see this through, so that my rights and my life are given back.”

Your messages have done nothing less than restore Milo’s faith in humanity. Milo is one of many survivors nationwide who were touched by your kindness. We also heard from Winter, a transgender woman who was raped by another inmate at a Pennsylvania prison. She told JDI:

Winter wrote: “I cried like a baby when I received the beautiful Words of Hope cards from all of you. Throughout my incarceration, I have been estranged from my family. Just knowing I have your love gives me hope and strength to achieve my goals and help others who have become victims of sexual abuse.”

Rafael, a survivor in a New York prison, has been receiving your cards since 2012. He wrote:

Rafael wrote: “Every year, I feel like a child who waits anxiously for Christmas day to open their present. You and your supporters have become family to me. Thank you for setting me free and making me feel worthy.”

Thank you so much for sharing your compassion with Milo, Winter, Rafael, and so many others! Your kindness is an inspiration to survivors, and to all of us at JDI.