Prisoner rape survivors are more than just the faces of a human rights crisis; they are an essential part of the solution to the sexual violence that plagues prisons and jails. JDI works to ensure that men and women who were sexually assaulted while in detention play vital roles in the effort to end prisoner rape.

The most powerful, informed, and compelling information about sexual violence in detention comes from people who have survived this devastating form of abuse. JDI supports survivors to share their stories and to become leaders in the human rights community by joining the Survivor Speakers List.

Survivor advocates help shatter stereotypes about inmates and about rape in detention. Through correspondence, survivors who are still incarcerated prepare written accounts that are posted on JDI's website and are included in public hearing testimonies.

JDI continues its relationship with survivor advocates after their release by connecting them with journalists, arranging speaking engagements, and organizing other advocacy opportunities. Survivor advocates also provide input on key policy decisions and play leadership roles within the organization, including serving on its Board of Directors, Survivor Council, and Board of Advisors.

JDI worked with the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission to include survivors' expertise in the development of the Standards for the Prevention, Detection, Response, and Monitoring of Sexual Abuse in detention. Survivors are also now at the forefront of the effort to ensure that the Attorney General ratifies the Commission's standards as binding federal regulations.

JDI is always looking for additional survivors to join the Speakers List and to become catalysts for change. If you are a survivor of sexual violence behind bars and are interested in sharing your story, please contact Leelyn Aquino at

If you are a member of the media interested in speaking with a survivor advocate, please contact Jesse Lerner-Kinglake, at