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211 Milwaukee
Dial 2-1-1

211 Milwaukee is a 24-hour information and referral telephone service that provides information about family, health, and social services available in Milwaukee County and surrounding areas. Trained community resource specialists utilize a computer database to link callers to the local social service agency that can best respond to their needs. More than 4,500 programs are currently in the database.

AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
820 N. Plankinton Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Office: (414) 273-1991
Toll-free: (800) 359-9272

AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) is Wisconsin's largest and most comprehensive AIDS service organization serving people living with HIV in Wisconsin through nine offices in Appleton, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, Superior, and Wausau. The ARCW Medical Center offers high quality medical, dental, and mental health care for people living with HIV regardless of ability to pay. ARCW also provides a vast array of social services to people living with HIV including housing assistance, HIV-related legal services, access to food pantries, and social work case management as well as alcohol and other drug abuse services. ARCW services are provided on a sliding scale and are available to people with HIV regardless of their ability to pay.

Family Advocates
Attn: Sexual Assault Services
P.O. Box 705
Platteville, WI 53818
Sexual Assault Office: (608) 348-4290
24-hour Hotline: (608) 348-3838
Toll-free 24-hour Hotline: (800) 924-2624

Family Advocates is a non-profit organization serving both male and female survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their loved ones in Grant and Iowa Counties. Sexual assault services include: 24-hour crisis hotline; emergency shelter; emotional support; support groups for women; information and referrals; law enforcement, hospital, and legal accompaniment and advocacy; and counseling for survivors and their family members. Due to funding restrictions, Family Advocates cannot provide services to individuals convicted of sex offenses. All services are free and confidential.

Family Services Sexual Assault Center
P.O. Box 22308
Green Bay, WI 54305
Office: (920) 436-6800
Brown County 24-hour Hotline: (920) 436-8899
Door County 24-hour Hotline: (920) 746-8996
Oconto County 24-hour Hotline: (920) 846-2111

Family Services Sexual Assault Center offers comprehensive services to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones in Brown, Door, and Oconto Counties. Services include: 24-hour hotlines; crisis intervention; medical, legal, and court accompaniment and advocacy, consultation and coordination with community resources; as well as support groups for women who are survivors of sexual assault. With the cooperation of correctional authorities, Family Services staff can meet with survivors in jail/prison to provide counseling, medical, and legal advocacy. All of the above sexual assault services are confidential and free of charge. Individual therapy for survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones is also available based on a sliding fee scale.

Family Support Center
P.O. Box 143
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
24-hour Hotline and Office: (715) 723-1138
Toll-free 24-hour Hotline: (800) 400-7020

Eau Claire Sexual Assault Outreach Office
21 S. Barstow, Suite 7
Second Floor
Eau Claire, WI 54703
24-hour Hotline and Office: (715) 830-0188
24-hour Toll-free Hotline: (888) 407-7811

Family Support Center (FSC) provides comprehensive services for survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones in Chippewa and Eau Claire Counties. Services include: 24-hour hotline; medical, legal, and personal advocacy; individual counseling for adult and child survivors; support groups; and support for families and friends of survivors of sexual assault/abuse. FSC also provides a support group for women who are survivors of sexual abuse at the Chippewa County Jail and offers individual counseling and advocacy to survivors of sexual assault at the Stanley Correctional Facility. All FSC services are free and confidential.

PO Box 32
Merrill, WI 54452
24-hour Hotline and Office: (715) 536-1300
TTY Hotline: (715) 536-1801

Haven, Inc. provides services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Lincoln County including men, women, and GLBT survivors. Services include: 24-hour crisis hotline; emergency shelter; legal, housing, and general advocacy; transportation assistance; support groups; peer counseling; and community education and referrals. HAVEN provides advocacy and counseling services to survivors who are incarcerated, including youth at juvenile detention facilities. All HAVEN services are free and confidential.

Hope House of South Central Wisconsin, Inc.
P.O. Box 557
Baraboo, WI 53913
Office: (608) 356-9123
Toll-free 24-hour Hotline: (800) 584-6790

Hope House, Inc. provides shelter, advocacy, and education to people affected by domestic violence and sexual assault in Columbia and Sauk Counties. Services for survivors of sexual assault behind bars during their incarceration include: crisis intervention; support; information; and referrals via the 24-hour hotline or by mail. Services for survivors after their release include: individual counseling; advocacy; support groups; emergency housing; information; and referrals. All services are free and confidential.

Horizons, Inc.
2511 West Vine Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205
Office: (414) 342-3237

Horizons, Inc. provides services for women offenders so they can successfully heal and re-enter their lives as productive and empowered members of the community. Horizons offers a residential program and an outpatient clinic. Through both of these programs, Horizons, Inc. provides a wide range of services, including: 24-hour supervision in a consistent, healthy environment; HIV/AIDS counseling and education; individual and group counseling; peer support groups; sexual abuse survivors groups; and discussion groups for domestic violence and sexual abuse issues.

Milwaukee LGBT Community Center Anti-Violence Project
252 E. Highland Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Office: (414) 271-2656 x123

The Milwaukee Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center Anti-Violence Project (AVP) provides services to LGBT survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and hate crimes, including bias and discrimination. Services include: one-on-one support and crisis intervention; hospital, legal, and personal advocacy; emergency shelter and assistance with other basic needs; and information and referrals to other services for LGBT survivors of violence and their allies. The AVP program is willing to work with any LGBT survivor behind bars and their loved ones to ensure access to services and support in the aftermath of sexual assault/abuse. All services are free and confidential.

People Against a Violent Environment
P.O. Box 561
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
Office: (920) 887-3810
24-hour Hotline: (920) 887-3785
Toll-free 24-hour Hotline: (800) 775-3785

People Against a Violent Environment (PAVE) is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive services for all survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Dodge County. Services for survivors of sexual abuse behind bars include: crisis intervention via the 24-hour hotline, by mail, or in person, when available; hospital accompaniment and advocacy during forensic examinations; in-person short-term counseling, where available; prevention education groups for women in prison; and information and referrals. Services for survivors after their release include: crisis intervention; an emergency shelter for adult survivors in imminent danger; adult support groups; emergency transportation assistance; options counseling; and information and referrals. Jail and prison inmates in Dodge County can contact PAVE via the hotline, by mail, or by contacting a staff member to request to speak with a PAVE advocate. Contact PAVE directly for more information on limits of confidentiality for counseling services in jail or prison. All PAVE services are free.

Rape Crisis Center
2801 Coho St., #301
Madison, WI 53713
Office: (608) 251-5126
24-hour Hotline: (608) 251-7273
Spanish Language Hotline (Línea de Ayuda en español): (608) 258-2567

The Rape Crisis Center (RCC) provides comprehensive services to survivors of all forms of sexual violence including sexual assault, incest, sexual harassment, and sexual exploitation in Dane County. These services are provided free of charge and include: 24-hour crisis hotline; crisis intervention and support; short-term counseling; support groups; medical, legal, and hospital advocacy and accompaniment; and information and referrals for survivors and their family and friends. RCC provides an empowerment support group for adult women survivors in the Dane County Jail and can accept collect calls on the crisis line from individuals incarcerated at the jail who are seeking support as victims/survivors of sexual violence or abuse. RCC serves women, children, and men and is willing to provide services to survivors incarcerated in Dane County with the cooperation of correctional authorities.

Sexual Assault Services
1220 Mound Ave. Suite 304
Racine, WI 53404
Office: (262) 619-1634
24-hour Crisis Hotline: (262) 637-7233
TTY: (262) 619-1638

The LOVE, Inc. Community Center Satellite Office
480 S Pine Street
Burlington, WI 53105
Office: (262) 763-6226 x31

Sexual Assault Services (SAS), a program of Lutheran Social Services, provides 24-hour crisis intervention via a 24-hour hotline and hospital response team to survivors of sexual assault in Racine County. SAS provides short and long term counseling, legal and medical advocacy, community awareness, and sexual violence prevention programming. Additionally, SAS is available to provide advocacy and counseling services to incarcerated people in all of the county's facilities. All sexual assault services are confidential and free of charge.

Sexual Assault Treatment Center
Aurora Sinai Medical Center
945 N. 12th St. 2 MHI
Milwaukee, WI 53233
24-hour Hotline: (414) 219-5555

The Sexual Assault Treatment Center (SATC) of Greater Milwaukee offers safe and caring services to survivors of rape, incest, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. Nurses, crisis counselors, and advocates provide immediate services, including for those with special needs such as the elderly, persons with mental health issues or those with cognitive, sensory or physical disabilities. Services include: crisis intervention and emotional support; medical assessment and treatment; emotional support and counseling; medical and legal evidence collection, if seen within 96 hours of the assault; pregnancy risk assessment, as appropriate; screening for sexually transmitted infections, as appropriate; discharge planning and resource information; liaison services with Sensitive Crimes, District Attorney's Office, Department of Human Services; follow-up telephone or in-person contact by crisis counselors to provide emotional support, review test results, and assist with counseling referrals or other needs; and referrals to agencies that provide services for people with special needs. All services are free and confidential.

Turningpoint for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence
P.O. Box 304
River Falls, WI 54022
24-hour Hotline: (715) 425-6751
Toll-free 24-hour Hotline: (800) 345-5104

Turningpoint provides safe shelter and support services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Sexual violence services include: 24-hour crisis line; late life abuse services; sexual violence support group; one-on-one coaching; information and referrals; emotional support; community education; and legal and courtroom advocacy. All services are free and confidential.

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault
600 Williamson Street, Suite N-2
Madison, WI 53703
Office: (608) 257-1516

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA) is a statewide membership organization that supports and complements the work of Wisconsin's community-based sexual assault service providers and other organizations working to end sexual violence. WCASA works in collaboration with communities throughout the state to support services to victims/survivors of sexual violence. WCASA is the state's central clearinghouse on the issue of sexual violence and related topics. WCASA will provide victims/survivors of sexual violence referrals to agencies in their area. In addition, educational materials and other resources are available.

YWCA Alternatives to Violence
1735 S. Washington St.
Janesville, WI 53546
Office: (608) 752-5445
24-hour Hotline: (608) 752-2583
Toll-free 24-hour Hotline: (800) 750-7990

Alternatives to Violence provides free and confidential services to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault in Rock, Walworth, Dane, Jefferson, Winnebago and Dodge Counties. Sexual assault services include: 24-hour hotline; crisis intervention and on-scene response; individual counseling and case management; support groups; criminal justice support; and legal advocacy. All services are free and confidential.


ACLU of Wisconsin
207 E. Buffalo St., Suite 325
Milwaukee, WI 53202-5774
Office: (414) 272-4032

The ACLU of Wisconsin does limited work on prison conditions. Letters that are received describing circumstances and conditions of confinement will be reviewed, and, when appropriate, advice will be given. Family members or friends can also view the intake form online by going to the ACLU's website and clicking on "inquiries." The ACLU of Wisconsin rarely represents individuals and is able to litigate some class action lawsuits. Cases that involve constitutional issues and which may have a broad enough impact to succeed in changing legislation or administrative remedies are preferred. Referrals may also be obtained through their office.

Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS)
P.O. Box 7158
Madison, WI 53708-7158
Wisconsin only: (800) 362-9082
Office: (608) 257-4666

LRIS is a public service project. Callers from all over the state get help through three services: Lawyer Hotline, Lawyer Referral, and Community Referral. When you call the service, you will not get legal advice. However, you will talk to a legal assistant who is experienced in analyzing potential legal problems -- and in helping you locate the best source of help.

If it is determined that a lawyer would be appropriate, the legal assistant will refer you to an attorney in your area who has indicated an interest in dealing with your type of legal situation. When you tell the attorney that you were referred by LRIS, it will cost no more than $20 for the first half-hour consultation.

Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy
16 North Carroll Street, Suite 400
Madison, WI 53703
Office: (608) 267-0214
Toll-free: (800) 928-8778

The Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy (WCA) is a private, nonprofit agency chosen by Wisconsin's Governor to provide protection and advocacy for people with disabilities throughout the state. WCA is completely independent of state government and direct service providers. WCA works throughout the state with individual consumers, their families, human service and other professionals, and policymakers who make and implement decisions on disability rights. WCA's "Prison Program" enables their staff attorneys to intervene in the disciplinary process and act on behalf of victims to improve their conditions and circumstances concerning confinement. WCA does not litigate cases, but will often help with referrals. These services are limited to persons who are confined and have disabilities.


Office of Detention Facilities, Wisconsin Department of Corrections
3099 E. Washington Ave.
P.O. Box 7925
Madison, WI 53707-7925
Office: (608) 240-5052

Director, WDOC Planning & Operations Unit: Jeff Wydeven
Office: (608) 240-5180

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Coordinator: Charles Cole

The Department of Corrections has statutory responsibility for the regulation and oversight of all local detention facilities, including county jails, houses of correction, secure juvenile detention centers, unlocked Huber facilities, work camps and municipal lockups. Through the Office of Detention Facilities, the Department establishes reasonable standards for the design, construction, repair, maintenance, operation and management of these facilities. Regionally-located staff conduct annual inspections of each facility; provide technical assistance to local jurisdictions and training to jail staff; and coordinate a variety of efforts to assist sheriffs, police chiefs, and other local officials in the operation and management of their facilities. The Office also investigates complaints, deaths, suicides, and other unusual incidents which occur in local detention facilities. Survivors of sexual abuse in detention can also contact the WDOC PREA Coordinator for assistance.

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JDI has directly contacted each organization listed in the Resource Guide in hopes of pointing survivors toward those currently accepting new clients. However, the inclusion of any group or individual in the Resource Guide does not necessarily constitute an endorsement or recommendation by JDI, nor can JDI guarantee the availability of the services described here.