Stop Prisoner Rape Applauds Expansion of New York's Custodial Sexual Misconduct Statute

Governor Eliot Spitzer has signed into law Chapter 335 of the Laws of 2007, amending New York’s custodial sexual misconduct law (at Penal Code Section 130.05) to expand the definition of “employee” to include volunteers and contractors who provide “direct services” to inmates.

“This amendment is critically important,” said Lovisa Stannow, Stop Prisoner Rape’s Executive Director. “Until now, these employees have been beyond the reach of the sanctions provided under the state’s custodial sexual misconduct law.”

While the state Legislature stopped short of SPR’s proposal to expand coverage to all volunteers and contractors performing services in the state’s corrections facilities, Chapter 335 represents a strong step forward in New York’s response to the sexual abuse of prisoners. Chapter 335 applies to state and local facilities, and will take effect in November 2007.

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