Fighting flippant and ill-informed public attitudes about sexual abuse in detention is a constant challenge. One of JDI’s key goals is to bring accurate information, first-hand survivor accounts, and succinct policy analysis to journalists nationwide. Building on its reputation for thoroughness and accuracy, JDI generates mainstream media coverage that discusses sexual abuse in detention for what it is -- a crime and a human rights violation.

The work of JDI and its survivor advocates has been covered in scores of media outlets, including the Associated Press, CNN, The Economist, The New York Times, NPR, Reuters, and USA Today.
Just Detention International (JDI) provides selected materials from leading research and from media outlets addressing sexual violence in detention solely for informational and educational purposes. The analysis provided and the views and opinions expressed in these materials are those of the authors and do not necessarily state or reflect those of JDI. Where links to other agencies and private organizations are provided, JDI is not responsible for the availability or content of these external sites.