E-NEWS - 2014

Texas Governor Rick Perry tried to start a movement to reject the PREA standards. But his effort failed.

In March, Governor Perry announced that Texas would not comply with the PREA standards — despite the widespread sexual abuse in the state’s prisons. If that wasn’t bad enough, the governor also promised to recruit other governors to join him.

JDI supporters took a stand against Governor Perry’s shameful actions. More than 1,600 of you signed our petition to the candidates to succeed Perry as governor, showing your commitment to the dignity and human rights of inmates.

Your voice is making an impact — and it’s being felt beyond Texas. JDI knows that governors from across the political spectrum — including California, Oklahoma, and South Carolina — have affirmed their commitment to implementing the PREA standards. Even better, JDI is confident that when the Department of Justice publishes the full list of governors certifying compliance, the vast majority of states will be on it.

This fight isn’t over. JDI is still working to get Texas’s gubernatorial candidates to pledge to reverse Governor Perry’s decision. JDI won’t quit until every state fully implements the standards — and every inmate is kept safe from sexual abuse. We grateful that we can count on your support!


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