E-NEWS - 2014

This is What Really Happens in Texas Prisons

Texas Governor Rick Perry won’t protect inmates. The next governor must.

Right now, you can help end sexual abuse in Texas prisons.

Texas has some of the country’s most dangerous prisons. Mark was an inmate at one of its worst: the Clements Unit. During his time at the prison, he witnessed many acts of sexual violence. In a letter to JDI, he wrote, "You would be shocked at the things they do to inmates in here."

Sadly, Mark has been a target of sexual abuse himself, and his attacker was a prison official. He tried to file a report, but other staff — friends of the perpetrator — threatened him. Mark’s abuser was above the law, and he knew it. He taunted Mark, telling him, “You will die in prison as a girl. How do you feel about that?”

Mark’s ordeal could have been prevented. So, too, can future assaults — even at a prison like Clements. By complying with the PREA standards — simple, basic measures to end prisoner rape — Texas can make all of its prisons safer and dramatically reduce sexual abuse.

Unfortunately, Governor Perry doesn't agree. Last month, he said Texas would reject the PREA standards. That’s unacceptable. Sign our letter to the candidates to become the next Governor of Texas, urging them to support the PREA standards and stop the rampant sexual abuse of inmates.

Despite the threats and intimidation of prison staff, Mark is committed to sharing his story and helping to protect other inmates from sexual abuse. As he put it, “I will keep fighting until I have no more breath in me.”

Will you join Mark in demanding an end to prisoner rape in Texas? The state’s next governor has the power to make sure countless people like Mark are spared the devastation of sexual abuse — but the candidates need to hear from us now, so they don’t abandon inmates as Governor Perry has done.

If you've already taken action to end Texas’s human right crisis, thank you! Now, please take a moment to ask your friends do so as well.

Together, we can make sure that every Texan is safe from sexual abuse!


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