E-NEWS - 2014

What Texas Did is Unacceptable

Texas Governor Rick Perry won’t defend the human rights of inmates. Will you? 
Right now, you can take action to help shame Rick Perry -- and make sure that Texas’ next governor does the right thing.

Texas prisons are rife with sexual violence. In fact, a recent government study that listed the most dangerous detention facilities in the country found that more were in Texas than in any other state.

How bad is it? One inmate, a courageous survivor named Roderick, told JDI, “I will die to continue exposing the mistreatment and torture that the Texas prison system inflicts on us every day.”

Texas is facing a human rights crisis. As the state’s top official, Governor Perry has a duty to do whatever it takes to protect Texans. But he has refused. 

Last week, the governor announced that Texas will not comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards. The standards — which were developed by a bipartisan commission — call for basic, commonsense steps to protect inmates. By rejecting them, Governor Perry is putting the safety of thousands of inmates at risk. Even worse, he’s encouraging other state governors to do the same.

The good news is that Governor Perry won’t be responsible for Texas inmates much longer. Sign our statement today urging Texas’ gubernatorial candidates to pledge their support for the PREA standards. 

Governor Perry will leave office in January 2015, when his term expires. Together, we need to make sure that Texas’ next governor knows that sexual abuse is always unacceptable — inside and outside of detention. 


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