E-NEWS - 2012

Action Update: A landmark victory

Click here to read Just Detention International's new Action Update - September 2012JDI’s new Action Update is out! This edition celebrates the release of the long-awaited Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards aimed at ending sexual abuse in detention – and our decades-long struggle that led to their passage.

In these pages you’ll read about how the standards have the potential to save countless people from the devastation of sexual abuse. You’ll also hear from prisoner rape survivors who have been at the forefront of this fight. One such survivor is former JDI President and Survivor Council member Tom Cahill, who recounts his role in the movement to stop prisoner rape. 

This update covers another landmark development: on the same day the standards were published, President Obama called for every federal agency with confinement facilities – not only the Department of Justice – to develop its own PREA standards. Right now, JDI is helping agencies that hold immigration detainees and inmates in Indian Country to protect the safety and dignity of those in their care.

But new rules alone won’t end prisoner rape. Now we must work to ensure that detention facilities nationwide use these strong standards to end sexual abuse within their walls. With your continued support, we know that we can succeed. 


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