E-NEWS - 2011

Why it matters

Many of you have already sent holiday messages to prisoner rape survivors who are still behind bars. You've heard us telling you what a difference they make, but now I want you to hear about them from Angel.

Angel was raped at knifepoint by his cellmate in a federal prison. He reported the sexual assault, but has received no counseling -- prison psychologists just offered him medication. Although the assault happened in 2009, he writes that it feels like it was yesterday and that he suffers from nightmares and panic attacks. Angel is scared all the time and desperate for help.

Then he got your holiday cards. He writes:

Although you may never know the name of the person who reads your card, please know that even the smallest acts of compassion can change someone's life.

There is still time to send a message of hope! We've far exceeded our original goal of sending 1,000 cards to sexual abuse survivors behind bars -- can you help us reach our new goal of 2,000 cards?

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