E-NEWS - 2011

Help Ivory Now

What if every member of Congress in Washington, DC could meet, face-to-face, with a prisoner rape survivor? What if survivors could tell their stories directly to the people who have the power to hold prisons and jails accountable for their safety?

Your donation, right now, can make a difference.

Ivory at high school graduation

People like Ivory don't usually get a lot of attention from legislators. Ivory is a father and former truck driver who was sexually abused by a Texas prison official. He reported the abuse, only to be placed among gang members who beat him for being a snitch. In a letter to JDI, Ivory wrote:

"I live in fear. I'm scared to complain. In Texas prisons, an officer can get you killed."

Ivory is still behind bars, but in 2011, with your support, we brought eight other men and women who survived terrible abuse in detention -- members of our Survivor Council -- to Washington, DC to testify at a Congressional briefing and to meet with their Representatives to push for strong national standards addressing prisoner rape.

It was an amazing moment for the Council, many of whom had never before been to our nation's capital. This year, we've also shared survivors' experiences with officials in prisons, jails, and youth facilities throughout the country -- teaching them how to protect the basic right of all detainees to be free from sexual abuse.

These courageous survivors refused to be silenced by the assaults they endured. They shared their stories -- stories that are deeply personal and painful -- because they know what it feels like to be alone, forgotten, and helpless. They have turned their lives around and dedicated themselves to making sure that prisoner rape is ended, once and for all.

Your gift can give Ivory, and others like him, the hope they need to heal and rebuild their lives. Perhaps, with your help, Ivory will one day be safe. Perhaps he will even join us in Washington, DC to make sure that no one else has to go through what he did, ever again.  



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