E-NEWS - 2011

They wrote one. Will you?

The holidays are in full swing, but we at JDI have already gotten the best gift that we could possibly have imagined: your compassion.

All month, we've been inviting our supporters to send a simple holiday message of hope and encouragement to survivors of prisoner rape who are still behind bars. Your amazing responses -- and beautiful messages -- have been truly inspiring.

We asked some of you to share what moved you to reach out to someone you will never meet. Here's what we heard:

Nick is a young activist who only heard about JDI this year. He said, "It may seem like a small thing, but being able to let someone know that I'm thinking about them makes me feel like I'm making a difference."

Nick's message: "I may not know you, but know that I care. I hope I can give you a smile. Wishing you a peaceful holiday."    

Denise has been an activist for prison reform since the 1960's. She said, "My communities (black and Puerto Rican) have been disproportionately affected by heavy incarceration rates. Once people are locked up, society as a whole forgets about them, or doesn't care. Human rights are important for all of us and that includes inmates."

Denise's message: "I am thinking about you over the holidays and beyond. You have a right, a basic human right, not to be violated."

Geoff is a university professor and long-time JDI supporter. He sent his holiday greeting on the very first day of our campaign. "I think most people want to reach out to another person at a time of crisis and make that person's life just a little bit more bearable. These holiday cards really are as much of a gift to the senders as they are to the prisoners who receive them."

Geoff's message: "I don't know you, but I care deeply about you -- about your well-being and about your right to be safe. Please remember that there are thousands of people wishing you joy and peace this holiday season." 


Thank you all so much for sharing your kindness and compassion with people who feel forgotten and alone. There's still time to send your card.

Be sure to watch your inbox in January for an update from the survivors who received your messages!

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