E-NEWS - 2011

Double your impact

What if your dollar could go twice as far?

This season, you can double your impact with a donation to end prisoner rape.

78% Tree We're aiming to raise $216,600 -- that's $1 for every person that the Department of Justice now admits is sexually abused, every year, in U.S. prisons, jails, and youth detention facilities.

Our Board Chair has pledged to match your year-end gift (up to a total of $108,300). We have already raised $85,000 toward this $108,300 match! Can you help us raise the remaining $23,300?

Your donation will help end prisoner rape in the U.S. and around the globe.

It will help us reach out to survivors who are still behind bars, and still in danger, like Beverly. A 55-year-old mom incarcerated in a Texas state prison, Beverly was sexually assaulted repeatedly by a corrections officer. Although she filed grievances, the abuse continued. For nearly two months, fearing further assaults and retaliation, Beverly hardly dared leave her cell, even to eat.

In a recent letter to JDI, Beverly wrote:


"You have been a comfort to me during a very scary and humiliating time in my life. You helped me to understand the abuse was not my fault and there are people who really care. You gave me the courage to stand up for myself."

It takes courage to defend the rights of prisoners. It's easy to forget about people like Beverly. People who've made mistakes, who are far out ­­of the public eye, whose families may have given up on them.

Your gift, today, will give survivors the hope they need to heal and rebuild their lives -- and it will help us end prisoner rape, once and for all. No matter what crime someone may have committed, rape is not part of the penalty.

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