E-NEWS - 2011

Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for Sexual Abuse in Detention

Tomorrow, November 10, more than 300,000 adults and children in U.S. prisons, jails, and youth facilities will have been sexually abused since Attorney General Eric Holder missed his 2010 deadline to adopt strong national standards to end prisoner rape. 

That's 300,000 fellow human beings who could have been spared the devastation of sexual abuse had the national standards been in place. 

There is an enormous human cost each time anyone, anywhere, is sexually abused. What chance does a troubled 12-year-old have to turn his life around if he is sent to a youth detention facility and raped by staff? And what happens if, like most people sexually abused behind bars, he is abused over and over and over again, by other inmates or by the very officials we pay to protect him? 

Sexual abuse doesn't just hurt survivors. It also affects family members, neighbors, and --  in the case of Delaware County, Oklahoma -- entire communities. Last week, Delaware County Commissioners voted to settle a federal lawsuit against Sheriff Jay Blackfox, who is accused of covering up the sexual abuse of 15 female inmates by his jail staff. 

Delaware County tax payers already paid $600,000 in attorney fees to defend against the lawsuit, and now, if the county's insurance company doesn't cover the settlement, Delaware County homeowners will see their property taxes raised to pay for the $13.5 million settlement. 

How much longer will we all have to pay for sexual abuse? 

Please join our campaign through the JDI website or on Facebook to tell the Attorney General that enough is enough. We're sending a quote from a prisoner rape survivor -- who is still behind bars and still desperate for help -- to the Department of Justice every single day until the national standards are adopted. Let's remind the Attorney General what is really at stake. 

We cannot tolerate another 300,000 victims. Indeed, we cannot tolerate even one more victim. 

Please take action, and then help us spread the word! Follow us on Twitter all day tomorrow, November 10; we'll be tweeting survivor quotes and ways that you can take action, in honor of the 300,000 people who have been victimized since the missed deadline. 

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