E-NEWS - 2010

The Best Last-Minute Gift: Hope for Survivors

All month, we've been sharing stories of hope: stories of prisoner rape survivors who have overcome incredible personal pain to become powerful advocates for safety and dignity for all people behind bars.

There's Scott, who, after being raped repeatedly in a Colorado prison, went on to testify before the Department of Justice about national standards that could have protected him. There is Hope, who was raped by a jail guard, then later stood in the Oval Office as President Bush signed the Prison Rape Elimination Act into law. And there is Frank, who, four years after being raped by an officer in a Los Angeles County jail, spoke at the 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference, training rape crisis counselors on the impact of sexual abuse behind bars.

Scott, Hope, and Frank are just three among countless people who have suffered at the hands of a broken justice system, yet have managed to turn their lives around to make sure that no one else has to go through what they did, ever again.

We've also shared the hope for change that we see, every day, in our work with corrections officials, policymakers, survivors, and other advocates: sexual abuse behind bars is no longer a secret, whispered among survivors who feel alone and ashamed. Today, there are dedicated people all over the country who are working to stop it.

Please, make today the day that you share some hope with survivors. Make your donation now to help JDI continue our work to end prisoner rape, once and for all. And be sure to take advantage of this last-minute chance to send a free message of hope directly to a survivor who is still behind bars. Your gift of hope can transform someone's life -- and it can take us one step closer to protecting the safety and dignity of all people behind bars.

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