E-NEWS - 2010

"I Didn't Think There Was That Kind of Love in the World"

Hope was just 22 years old when, battling drug addiction, she got arrested for theft and sent to a Washington, DC jail. Twice, while she was heavily medicated and going through withdrawal, a jail guard raped her.

But Hope's story doesn't end there. Hope got in touch with JDI after her release, and she went on to become a powerful advocate for ending sexual abuse behind bars. In 2003, Hope stood in the Oval Office as President Bush signed the Prison Rape Elimination Act into law -- a law that was passed unanimously by Congress thanks, in part, to her courage in sharing her story with lawmakers.

Hope explained,

"It's crazy how much shame you can feel when someone has done something wrong to you. All I ever heard was that no one wants to hear it, no one believes you, and no one wants to help you.

"At first, I couldn't believe that JDI wanted to help. I didn't think there was that kind of love in the world. I certainly hadn't experienced it. JDI has been a lifeline that keeps me going when I feel like there isn't anybody else out there. They held my hand and kept my head up over all the years of recovering from this tragedy. JDI has given me purpose."

In this season of giving, please donate to give purpose to others like Hope. Your gift is a lifeline to survivors who think that no one believes them and no one wants to help. JDI will use your tax-deductible contribution to continue the fight against prisoner rape -- a fight that, with your help, we know we can win.

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