Left, Right Pundits Agree: DOJ Needs to Address Prisoner Rape

This week brought a flurry of digital media attention to sexual abuse behind bars, as opinion leaders from the right and the left wrote about the need to end this domestic human rights crisis. First, prominent feminist website Feministe hosted a guest blog from Alternet's Liliana Segura. Writing on liberal blog Think Progress, Matt Yglesias quoted Segura's piece. Meanwhile Eli Lehrer, a long-time champion of ending this violence, had a new post featured on FrumForum, a conservative site. Finally, Cliff Schecter wrote a brief but powerful article that was placed prominently on both Huffington Post and Agonist.

As hundreds of thousands of readers visit these websites everyday, they will gain a new understanding of the urgency of ending prisoner rape. Many will also take action by signing JDI's petition or submitting their own comments to the Justice Department, urging the enactment of strong national standards aimed at stopping sexual abuse behind bars.

With your continued support JDI will keep raising awareness about the devastation of sexual violence in detention, and what we can do to stop it.

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