E-NEWS - 2010

Abuse in Juvenile Detention Underscores Need for National Prisoner Rape Standards

January 28, 2010 -

Sexual abuse of youth in juvenile detention continues to garner media attention in the wake of the Bureau of Justice Statistics report released earlier this month. Today, Nicholas Kristof published a column in The New York Times about the shocking reality that one in eight youth detainees reported having been victimized in the past year alone. National Public Radio's "Tell Me More" also covered the epidemic of sexual violence in youth detention facilities; please visit JDI's website to listen to that segment.

At JDI, we take pride in working closely with survivors of prisoner rape, ensuring that they are able to bring their experiences and their wisdom directly to policymakers, journalists, and others. As part of that effort, five members of JDI's Survivor Speakers Bureau participated in a meeting earlier this week at the Department of Justice, offering input to the federal officials who currently are reviewing recommended national standards aimed at preventing, detecting, and responding to sexual abuse in detention. Each of them emphatically conveyed the importance of codifying the standards -- quickly and fully.

As always, thank you for your support. Together, we can put an end to sexual abuse in detention.

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