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Media Spotlight on Sexual Abuse of Detained Youth

January 8, 2010 -

In the last couple of days, the national epidemic of sexual violence in youth detention facilities has finally begun receiving the media attention it deserves. Thanks to the release of a groundbreaking report yesterday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, scores of media outlets across the U.S. have highlighted the problem of widespread sexual abuse of detained youth, usually at the hands of corrections officials whose very job it is to protect them.

JDI has been featured prominently in dozens of these stories. We have underscored the fact that sexual abuse of inmates is both unacceptable and preventable. Notably, we were on the CNN national news today, emphasizing the urgency with which Attorney General Eric Holder should formalize new national standards aimed specifically at ending this type of violence -- standards that have sat on his desk for more than six months! We have also written blogs and op-ed pieces that have been published across the country.

And there is more to come. Several newspapers in states with especially troubled youth facilities are scheduled to publish JDI op-ed pieces in the coming days. We will share these stories too as soon as they become available on-line.

In the meantime, to read a handful of articles, please click on the links below. Additional media coverage is available on JDI's website, www.justdetention.org.

The New York Review of Books
The Washington Post
Los Angeles Times
The Associated Press
USA Today
The Detroit News
The Huffington Post

As always, thank you so much for being one of our partners in the fight to end sexual abuse behind bars. We couldn't do this work without you.

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