Out of sight, out of mind...no more

By Affect
March 27, 2012

In the world of charitable giving, issues such as education, orphaning, medical aid or hunger and thirst get the lion's share of our support. Causes like caring for shut-ins are not as popular, yet still command some of our attention. But on the fringes of our consciousness is a group of people most of us consider forgettable: the incarcerated. Misfits. Castaways. Criminals. Human beings.

The fact is that once we believe justice has been handed down, that's the end of the story. But it's not. In a system where DNA exonerates wrongfully convicted prisoners decades after the fact and 200,000 men, women and children are sexually abused in U.S. detention every year, justice is hard to define.

Everyone deserves an advocate -- even the people it's so easy for us to look down and feel superior to. Here are three groups taking on their causes in three very distinctive ways.

The Innocence Project partners with attorneys and consultants to assist convicted prisoners who might be proven innocent with DNA testing. Legal counsel is expensive and difficult to access for people who have been on the inside unfairly for the better part of their lives, so the services provided by this organization are invaluable.

Just Detention International works to raise awareness for and eliminate instances of sexual assault in detention. It's a difficult issue to think about, but a million times more difficult for the victims. JDI offers hope to the men, women and young people who report attacks perpetrated by other inmates as well as correctional officers.

Sweet Beginnings beeline products are a lovely line of honey-inspired all-natural skincare items and raw Chicago honey. The company employs formerly incarcerated individuals in transition. The recidivism rate for Sweet Beginnings employees is 4%, compared to the national average of 65%. Buy a product, lend a helping hand. Everyone wins!

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