Putting An End To Prison Rape, The Political Carnival Blog, April 26, 2010

Our friend and former co-editor, Cliff Schecter, has written a piece over at Huffington Post. He has graciously given me permission to share excerpts with you.

In his piece, he drops this little bombshell: There is a prison in Texas where 15.7% of the inmates were raped last year, by other inmates, or by those who are supposed to be "guarding" them.

In any country that likes to think of itself as a beacon of freedom, this is outrageous and must be stopped.

"Beacon of freedom". Really? As in racial profiling?

As in Guantanamo Bay?

As in supporting big corporations over sexual assault victims?

This includes over 100,000 men, women and yes -- CHILDREN -- a fact that should be every bit as shocking, embarrassing and downright sickening as those photos from Abu Ghraib.

We're not quite as beacon-y as we should be, now are we?

It is currently Sexual Assault Awareness month, and we are approaching the end of a deadline (June 2010) for the Attorney General to act on recommendations mandated by the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), passed in 2003.

That bill was co-sponsored by Teddy Kennedy and Jeff Sessions and signed by George W. Bush. Now that's noteworthy. Democrats and Republicans working together? Who'd a thunk it?

In order to make sure the Obama Administration follows through, weeds out known predators, provides additional monitoring, and increases the overall transparency of our corrections system, you can take action.

Add your public comment.

Make your voice heard.

Speak up.

Make us beaconworthy again.

Go sign the petition.

Only 99 signatures are needed to reach the goal of 7,500. Make it happen between now and May 10.

Thank you.

And thank you, Cliff Schecter, for bringing this to our attention.

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