Raped in Prison: Woman fights for change at Capitol Hill, WHAS11.com, February 21, 2010

A prison rape victim, who shared her ordeal with WHAS11 News several months ago, is now taking her fight to Capitol Hill.

“Hopefully make some changes so the same thing that happened to me doesn't happen to someone else,” said Kimberly Yates of Paducah.

She is talking to the Justice Department and Congressional offices about changes needed in the prison litigation reform act.

Five years ago, despite warnings about a prison guard from other women, Yates says the same guard raped her at the federal detention center in Philadelphia.

She is calling for prisons to be more careful in who they hire, train staff to be more aware of sexual misconduct, and encourage a safe way for victims to report sex crimes in prison.

Yet, she acknowledges for changes to take place people have to care.

“We need the support. We need more people to know about this and need people to know that it happens every day, that it's not something made up just on TV. it's happening and it could be happening to one of your family members,” said Yates.

Yates says the Bureau of Prisons has warned that the recommendations would cost too much money.

But, she says they should consider how much they are already spending to settle lawsuits, not to mention the human toll.

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