Alex Blaze, Web ads against prison rape, Bilerico.com, January 21, 2010

Just Detention International is a group that works to stop sexual assault in prisons. This problem affects gay and transgender inmates more than straight and cis ones, and results in the spread of HIV and other STD's as most prisons don't allow condoms.

These two ads get to the point of the issue, which is that most Americans take a "Lock em up and throw away the key" stance on most crimes. While little is done to fight prison rape, it's not like Americans just don't care rape. It's that they seem to think that, if someone commits a crime and is guilty of something, then they deserve pretty much anything that's coming to them. Prisons are already too nice for prisoners, we think, so a little sexual assault will teach them a lesson and provide us with comic relief. The other ad after the jump.

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