Board Game Makes a Mockery of Prison Rape, CitizenLink (Focus on the Family), January 31, 2008.

According to reports, up to 20 percent of the U.S. inmate population is subjected to rape. Now a new board game created by John Sebelius, son of Kansas' Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, is trying to turn prison rape into a laughing matter.

Don't Drop the Soap is centered around prison life, and the goal of each player is to make parole, KCTV in Kansas reported. Game pieces include shady characters, bags of cocaine and handguns.

Pat Nolan, vice president of Prison Fellowship, isn’t amused. 

“It’s troubling that anyone would think that raping in prison would be something to laugh about and make a board game about," he said.
Linda McFarlane, a spokeswoman for Stop Prisoner Rape, said games like this minimize the problem and make her job harder.

“It’s an issue that shatters human dignity; it derails justice," she said. "And as long as popular culture deems it amusing, there’s no public outcry to end it.”

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