Inmate Sexual Abuse Investigation, Associated Press, March 18, 2004.

State Corrections Chief Reginald Wilkinson says most allegations of sexual abuse of inmates at the Ohio Reformatory for Women were unfounded or, if verified, thoroughly investigated.

Wilkinsontold a legislative committee yesterday that his department has taken steps to curtail illegal sex between inmates and staff members at the women's prison in Marysville.

The head of a Los Angeles advocacy group called Stop Prisoner Rape took issue with Wilkinson's remarks before the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee.

Lara Stemple said it isn't true that most of the allegations raised by the group were investigated by the prison or the State Highway Patrol.

Stemple said the group changed the women's names to protect their identity, and only it knows who they are.

The committee chairman, Senator Mark Mallory of Cincinnati, the committee chairman, said he plans to discuss the possibility of a third-party review of the situation.

Mallory's committee is expected to make recommendations in June.