Cadbury Schweppes Stops Using 7Up Ad, New York Times, May 29, 2002.

The Dr Pepper/Seven Up Company division of Cadbury Schweppes has stopped running a television commercial for its 7Up soft drink after various groups complained that the spot made light of the issue of rape in prison.

The commercial, titled "Captive Audience," was part of a humorous campaign for 7Up carrying the theme "Make 7Up yours," which presents provocative premises meant to appeal to younger consumers. The commercial showed the 7Up spokesman character in jail, handing out free cans of soda to prisoners. The jokes, some crude, implied the male prisoners would make unwanted sexual advances to the character.

"There were some valid concerns" raised by the organizations, said Philippa Dworkin, a spokeswoman for Dr Pepper/7Up in Plano, Tex. "Sometimes you get it right and sometimes you don't. And when you don't, you rectify the situation."

The commercial was created by the 7Up agency, the New York office of Young & Rubicam Advertising, part of the Young & Rubicam division of the WPP Group.