E-NEWS - 2014

It's a Global Movement

Just Detention International's Action UpdateJDI’s new Action Update is out! This issue highlights our recent successes in keeping people safe from sexual abuse -- successes made possible because of you, our supporters.

This Update focuses on a major development in the global effort to end prisoner rape: the launch of JDI-South Africa (JDI-SA). As in the U.S., sexual violence pervades South Africa’s prisons. Fortunately, our South African team is extraordinary and poised to meet this massive challenge.

In this Update, you’ll also read about JDI’s groundbreaking new project with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The aim of this partnership is to ensure that all LAPD lockups implement national standards to prevent and respond to sexual abuse. But LAPD is doing more than protecting its own detainees -- it’s also committed to becoming a model for police departments nationwide.

Lastly, the Action Update reports back on JDI’s enormously successful Words of Hope holiday campaign. Thanks to your amazing messages, incarcerated survivors across the United States felt cared for and supported during the holiday season. But don’t take our word for it: these pages contain heartfelt quotes from survivors who received your cards.

Thank you, JDI supporters, for your compassion for survivors and your ongoing support for JDI’s work to end this global human rights crisis.

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