E-NEWS - 2013

Raise your glass to JoePrisoner rape can be stopped. We have the power to end this terrible injustice. Donate today

Have you made your-end donation to JDI?
Right now, take a moment to support JDI’s work to help survivors of prisoner rape and stop this abuse, once and for all.

Every year, thanks to people like you, JDI assists countless survivors who are locked up and desperate for support. Today, please make a generous donation so that we can continue to fight for survivors in the year ahead.

How much will your support matter to a survivor? Joe Booth, a former inmate who endured horrific sexual violence when he was locked up, credits the kindness of JDI supporters with giving him the strength to rebuild his life. He told us,

"Your moral support has been the greatest help. I have been ready to quit so many times. Knowing I had someone on my side kept me in the fight. Please know that I will forever and always be grateful." -- Joe, prisoner rape survivor

Tonight, as you celebrate the New Year with your loved ones, raise a glass to a survivor like Joe. He’ll certainly be thinking of the JDI supporters -- people like you -- who changed his life.

Happy New Year!

P.S. All year long, you’ve been an amazing ally in the fight to stop prisoner rape. In the few remaining hours of 2013, please give generously so that we can continue to help prisoner rape survivors, and put an end -- finally -- to this crisis.

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