E-NEWS - 2013

For survivors like me

Prisoner rape can be stopped. We have the power to end this terrible injustice. Donate todayRight now, will you donate to the fight against prisoner rape? Your gift can change the life of a prisoner rape survivor — just like it changed mine.
Most people are surprised when I tell them that I was raped. After all, I’m a solidly built, heavily tattooed man who works in construction. When I was convicted for attempted robbery back in 2008, I was sure that I could handle myself in prison. I was wrong.
The prison staff placed me in a cell with a man who they knew had a history of raping his cellmates. They also knew that he threatened me on my first night in the cell, because I reported it. Yet they did nothing to protect me.
For the next three days and nights, I was subjected to horrific sexual violence. My pleas for help were ignored by staff. I escaped my rapist only after he was taken to the medical ward for chest pains.
Devastated by the assaults, I wrote hundreds of letters to organizations asking for help. The only supportive response I got came from JDI. Their letter began by saying, “We believe you.” Those simple words from JDI helped me start to rebuild my life.
Over the next few years, JDI held my hand through the mail, giving me encouragement, support, and hope. Through JDI, I learned that there are many other people — people like you — who really do care about survivors.
There is something else I learned from JDI: Prisoner rape can be stopped. We have the power to end this terrible injustice. Now that I’m out of prison, I’m working with JDI to make sure that no one else has to suffer like I did.
Please join me in supporting JDI by giving a generous donation today. Your gift will mean everything to a prisoner rape survivor, like me.

Thank you!

Joe Booth
JDI Survivor Council member

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