E-NEWS - 2013

This is long overdue

Take Action!Rape crisis centers rely heavily on funds granted under the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA). But a federal restriction prevents them from using this money to help survivors of prisoner rape. Right now, tell the Justice Department that you support lifting this ban! 

Cornelius, who is serving time at a Florida prison, was just 19 when he was gang raped by four other inmates. After a transfer to a new facility, Cornelius was raped again and, worse still, he contracted HIV from the assault.

Devastated by the attacks, Cornelius wrote to a local rape crisis center to ask for help. The counselor who read Cornelius’s letter wanted to provide services. But she couldn’t. Her hands were tied by a federal restriction that prohibits the use of VOCA money to help inmates – even if they are victims of sexual abuse.

JDI has been fighting for years to overturn this unjust rule. Finally, the Department of Justice has recommended lifting the VOCA restriction, and is now seeking public comments on the proposed change.

Today, show your support for the Department of Justice’s proposal to lift the VOCA funding restriction.

The public comment period closes on October 28. It’s important to tell the Department of Justice that rape crisis counselors should be able to use government money to help all survivors of sexual abuse.

No one ever deserves to be raped. Together, we can make sure that the next time someone like Cornelius asks for help, dedicated counselors will be able to provide it.

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