E-NEWS - 2013

PREA Turns 10!

This is a historic day – and we want you to help us celebrate.

Ten years ago today, the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) -- one of the great human rights victories in modern U.S. history – was signed into law. PREA would not exist without prisoner rape survivors, who spoke out against this abuse when few others had the courage to do so.

Right now, on PREA's anniversary, will you join us in thanking survivors for making this law happen? Please send this tweet honoring the people who fought – and are still fighting – for the human rights of prisoners.

PREA Turns 10! A decade ago, the Prison Rape Elimination Act was signed into law. See how far we've come on the road to justice.

In 2003, Tom Cahill watched as President George W. Bush signed PREA into law. Tom had fought for decades to get the government to recognize that sexual abuse behind bars is a nationwide crisis – and that it has a duty to stop it. A longtime activist and JDI’s former President, Tom was gang raped in a Texas jail in 1968. He devoted the next thirty-some years of his life to ensuring that no one else would have to suffer as he did.

PREA’s impact has been enormous, laying the foundation for massive culture change within U.S. detention facilities. Thanks to the law, corrections officials can no longer deny the magnitude of the crisis of prisoner rape. We also have a blueprint – the groundbreaking PREA standards – for ending it.

Right now, you can visit JDI’s webpage dedicated to PREA. It features a stunning timeline of the law’s many achievements – and honors the people like Tom who helped make them happen. Survivors never quit fighting for the human rights of inmates, and all of us are better off for their courage


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