E-NEWS - 2013

Lee Baca doesn’t deserve to be Sheriff of the Year

Is it right to honor a sheriff who runs some of the most infamous jails in the country? 

Today, join us in demanding that the National Sheriffs’ Association reverse its decision to name Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca as its “Sheriff of the Year.”

Lee Baca, 'Sheriff of the Year'? Not on our Watch!

Los Angeles’s Twin Towers Jail has one of the worst rates of inmate-on-inmate sexual abuse among jails nationwide. That’s according to the latest government study on prisoner rape, released last week by the U.S. Department of Justice. 

So why is Lee Baca, the man who runs Twin Towers, being awarded “Sheriff of the Year”?

Frank Mendoza was once an inmate at Twin Towers. As an openly gay man, he was sexually harassed by staff from the moment he arrived. A few days later, one of the staff members who’d been taunting him – a sheriff’s deputy – went into Frank’s cell and raped him.

Frank’s story is just the tip of the iceberg. There have been hundreds of documented assaults against inmates by Sheriff’s Department staff. Frank was appalled when he heard that Sheriff Baca was being given this award. It’s an affront to survivors like him – and to the principled sheriffs nationwide who run jails that are safe for both inmates and staff.

Will you sign Frank’s petition to the National Sheriffs’ Association demanding that they reverse their decision to honor Sheriff Baca? There’s still time for them to do the right thing, but we need to act fast.  

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