E-NEWS - 2013

When staff abuse inmates

JDI is honoring Sexual Assault Awareness Month by highlighting the facts about prisoner rape. Share this image and help shed light on one of our country’s worst human rights crises.

Did you know? Half of all sexual abuse behind bars is committed by staff

Inmates often feel powerless to report a rape – especially when the perpetrator is a member of staff.

Just ask Jonathan

Jonathan’s rapist was Mr. Miller, a high-ranking official at the federal prison where Jonathan was serving time. Everyone at the prison – even other staff – knew that Mr. Miller was sexually assaulting inmates. Yet staff allowed it to continue, and punished inmates who spoke out.

Mr. Miller used his power to keep Jonathan close – and make sure he kept quiet. He hired Jonathan to work directly for him, as a cook. Jonathan knew that if he told someone, or tried to defend himself, Mr. Miller would claim that he was the attacker. So the abuse continued. 

At JDI, we hear stories like Jonathan’s every day. Survivors of staff sexual abuse often tell us how difficult it is to come forward because of the threats they face. Indeed, government research shows that almost half of all inmates who report this type of abuse are punished themselves.

After many months, Jonathan finally found officials whom he could trust, at the FBI. Mr. Miller was prosecuted for his crimes. Now, Jonathan, who has been moved to a new facility, is committed to making sure that no one else has to suffer like he did.

Today, share this fact about staff sexual violence – and the story of someone who survived it. Let’s make sure that the truth is out about prisoner rape, so that we can help end it, once and for all.

All names have been changed to protect the survivor's privacy.


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