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Lee Baca, "Sheriff of the Year"? Not on our watch

Does a sheriff who allows sexual abuse to thrive in his jails deserve to win “Sheriff of the Year”? We don’t think so – and you can help us do all we can to stop it from happening.

Lee Baca, 'Sheriff of the Year'? Not on our Watch!

In 2006, I was raped in Los Angeles’ Twin Towers Jail. My attacker was a sheriff’s deputy. I felt so alone when it happened – but now, sadly, I know that I wasn’t.

Since my rape, it has come out that gangs of deputies were terrorizing inmates like me. Right now, Los Angeles County’s jails are being investigated by federal authorities because of rampant sexual and physical abuse against inmates — all committed by staff.

So I was shocked to learn that Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca was named “Sheriff of the Year” by the National Sheriffs’ Association. How could Sheriff Baca, a man who did nothing to stop the abuse of people in his care – a man who admitted he was out of touch – get his profession’s top honor?

Sheriff Baca’s shameful lack of leadership is why so many officials, like the deputy who assaulted me, think they can get away with abusing inmates.

I resolved to take a stand – and now I need your help.

With JDI’s support, I’m mobilizing thousands of people to tell the National Sheriffs’ Association to reverse its decision to give this award to Sheriff Baca. Will you join me?

Please help me send a message that officials like Lee Baca don’t deserve to be honored. It matters to the thousands of people locked up in Los Angeles County. It matters to me. 
Thank you!

Frank Mendoza
Member, JDI Survivor Council

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