E-NEWS - 2013

Take action to keep immigration detainees safe

If you could stop rape by taking three simple steps, would you do it? Right now, we need you to submit public comments to the Department of Homeland Security, urging it to issue strong standards to end the sexual abuse of immigration detainees.

Keep immigration detainees safe. Take Action:

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security released its draft standards for public comment. Once finalized, these rules will help protect more than 500,000 people each year who are held in its detention facilities.

The draft standards are strong overall. But they have several flaws that must be addressed to ensure the safety of detainees. Most notably, the draft would allow many contract facilities – where most immigration detainees are held – to delay implementation of the standards indefinitely.

If the draft is not strengthened, or if it gets watered down, the safety and dignity of many men, women, and children will be at risk. We need you to help make sure that doesn’t happen – and all it takes is writing Secretary Janet Napolitano. Just follow the three simple steps on our website.

Last year, many of you stood up for the safety and dignity of people in prisons and jails across the country by submitting public comments to the Department of Justice. Your comments had an extraordinary impact, resulting in strong standards that have served as a model for the Department of Homeland Security. Now, will you take a moment to do the same for people held in immigration detention facilities?

Every person has the right to be free from sexual abuse – no matter where, or by what agency, that person is being held.

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