E-NEWS - 2013

Harold's message back to you

You did something truly amazing for prisoner rape survivors over the holidays. 

Because of you, we sent more than 11,000 messages of hope to survivors of sexual abuse in prisons nationwide.

One of the survivors who got your cards was Harold. He has battled depression and loneliness since being raped repeatedly by a staff member at a Pennsylvania prison. This week, we got a letter from Harold telling us what your kindness meant to him. He wrote:

'Thank you to all of the supporters at Just Detention International, as well as supporters worldwide for the great cards! I was simply floored when I received all those cards, thank you all again, it really lifted my spirits, you have no idea. Very truly, Harold

Harold’s letter is one of many from survivors that arrived this week -- and many more are coming in each day. Their words are a testament to your compassion, your caring, and your commitment to making sure that people like Harold never feel alone or forgotten, ever again.

On behalf of Harold, and so many other survivors, thank you for showing you care.

In the coming days, we’ll be posting more survivor responses on our Facebook page. Make sure you "like" JDI on Facebook so that you can see new messages from people like Harold.

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