E-NEWS - 2012

Boa’s New Year’s resolution

Boa and Dreidel, her first dog from the prison puppy training program. Donate today!
There’s still time to make your year-end donation to JDI!
Please give today to help prisoner rape survivors rebuild their lives – and to stop this abuse from happening ever again.

All month, I’ve been telling you about the many reasons to give to JDI. Now, I want you to hear one more, from Boa, a JDI Survivor Council member who tonight is celebrating her first New Year’s on the outside after 29 years in prison. She said,

"JDI helped me find my voice so I could stand up for my right to be safe from sexual abuse. This year, my New Year’s resolution is to continue fighting so that every person behind bars has this basic human right. Your support for JDI will help us win this fight."

Boa’s New Year’s resolution is one that all of us can raise our glasses to support. And, with your help, it’s a resolution that we can help her keep.

Your gift to JDI will make a difference in the lives of so many prisoner rape survivors in 2013. And with your help, we can end this crisis -- because no matter what, rape must never be part of the penalty.  

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