E-NEWS - 2012

Give your words

It’s not too late to send a holiday card to a prisoner rape survivor. Have you sent yours?

Click here to write your card to a prisoner rape survivor:Last week, we mailed out thousands of holiday cards to prisoner rape survivors across the country. But it gets even better: next week, we’re going to send another round of cards to men and women who could use a bit of hope.

Writing a message takes just a moment of your time – but it will provide warmth and comfort that will last for the holiday season and beyond. Angel, who was raped in a federal prison, shared just how meaningful these cards can be for survivors. In a letter to JDI, he wrote:

"I lost communication with my family when I was 17 years old and have never received a greeting card or letter. Your cards made me feel special. You have no idea how much difference a little card or letter makes to someone who feels helpless. Thank you."

We’re so grateful for the time you’ve taken to bring a bit of holiday joy to people who need it most. From all of us at JDI, and from the survivors you continue to help, thank you.

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