E-NEWS - 2012

Why Garrett supports JDI

Garrett, prisoner rape survivor and JDI donor. Join him and donate today!By donating to JDI right now, you can help prisoner rape survivors heal – and bring us closer to ending this abuse, once and for all.

Last week, I wrote to tell you about a survivor named Boa. A former lifer who endured years of sexual abuse by prison staff, Boa taught other inmates at her facility about their right to be safe. Today, she continues to fight for this right as a member of JDI’s Survivor Council.

One of Boa’s fellow Survivor Council members is Garrett. While serving time at a Texas prison, Garrett was raped by a member of staff. Despite threats to his safety, Garrett gathered the courage to speak out about his abuse. He drew on this same courage after his release, when he testified before members of Congress on the need to take action against sexual violence in detention.

Garrett’s involvement with JDI goes beyond serving on the Council. Since 2007, he’s served on JDI’s Board of Directors – and he’s also a donor. Here’s why Garrett gives:

"I know how sexual abuse can break someone down. But I also know that it can be stopped – and that I want to do my part. I support JDI because I know they won’t give up on the people behind bars who still need help."

Please join Garrett by giving to JDI this holiday season. Your donation will strengthen our fight to protect every person’s right to be free from sexual abuse.

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