E-NEWS - 2012

Meet Boa

Give survivors like Boa a new beginning. Donate today!This year, your donation can help give prisoner rape survivors, like Boa, a new beginning.

Boa’s life started out pretty rough. Sexually abused as a young child, then raped as a teenager, Boa landed in prison when she was just 20 years old. One day, when she was on kitchen duty, a prison official sexually assaulted Boa. She didn’t bother reporting; after all, no one had cared about her abuse when she was growing up.

Boa’s story seemed hopeless back then, but things changed when JDI staff began coming to her prison to help stop sexual abuse. Boa became a leader at the facility, joining JDI’s peer education program to teach inmates about their right to be free from sexual abuse.

“When I started teaching prisoners about their right to be safe, I realized that I had that right, too. Talking to other women about sexual abuse has helped me heal and showed me a new kind of future for myself.”

Boa’s new future is well underway. Just last month, she was released from prison. Today, she serves on JDI’s Survivor Council, doing what she cares about most: providing hope and healing to survivors behind bars who feel forgotten and alone, as she once did.

Your kindness can help other survivors, like Boa, find a new beginning. Please donate now to protect every person’s right to be free from sexual abuse – and to let survivors know that they still have a voice.

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