E-NEWS - 2012

"You showed me that people still care"

There are so many reasons to care about ending prisoner rape. In fact, there are hundreds. In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, many of you shared why ending this abuse matters to you. Each of your messages, though unique, spoke to the same basic truth: people behind bars are human beings, just like you and me, and deserve to be treated with dignity.
Your compassionate words inspire us, and they make a difference in the lives of survivors. They certainly did for Natalie. A 29-year-old transgender woman, Natalie was beaten and sexually assaulted in a men’s prison after staff placed her in a cell with a known rapist. Natalie wrote:

In a letter to supporters, Natalie wrote 'I want to tell all of JDI’s supporters that it an outside world of support. I know that people do care about what is going on inside, and will stand with us to ensure that we are allowed to live free of abuse, regardless ofmistakes we made.'

Another survivor who was moved by your kindness is Jackson. Jackson was sexually assaulted by a staff member at a Pennsylvania facility. He wrote:

In a letter to supporters, Jackson wrote 'You showed me that people still care – about me, about others they don't know. I was searching for a reason to remain in this world. You gave me the answer with your kindness: that I do matter and can also make a difference in the lives of others.'

All of us here at JDI thank you for your compassion, your courage, and your commitment to ending sexual abuse behind bars.

P.S. Now that Sexual Assault Awareness Month is over, will you continue to offer your caring support by donating to JDI? Your gift will help us reach out to Natalie, Jackson, and the hundreds of other survivors who contact us each year for support and information. Together, we can make sure that survivors get the help they need to heal from sexual abuse.

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