E-NEWS - 2012

Tell us why you care

I care about sexual abuse behind bars because no one deserves to be raped. I care because each year prisoner rape shatters the lives of hundreds of thousands of people -- adults and children who often are forced to suffer in silence. I care because this crisis affects all of us.

There are so many reasons to care about sexual abuse behind bars. Now we’d like to hear yours.

Why do you care? Tell us why ending sexual assault behind bars matters to you. Send your message.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and this year we are honoring the occasion by asking you, our supporters, to tell us why you care about stopping prisoner rape -- and helping survivors heal. We’ll share your messages on our website and we’ll also send them to survivors who are behind bars. Your words could help inspire survivors, who so often feel isolated and ashamed, and they could also inspire other people like you to make a difference.

Every day, JDI hears from prisoner rape survivors who believe that they have been forgotten. For many, simply knowing that people on the outside care about what happens to them can make a huge difference. Just ask Troy. Beginning at the age of 12, Troy endured repeated sexual violence in detention. His pain was made worse by the fact that he had no one to turn to for help. When Sister Mary Sean, a member of a local church, reached out to Troy, his life was transformed. Watch a short video of Troy telling his story at http://www.justdetention.org/en/whyyoucare-troy.aspx.

Prisoner rape is a global human rights crisis; it must not be shrouded in silence. During this Sexual Assault Awareness Month, please take a moment to speak up about why you believe we must end this violence, once and for all.

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