E-NEWS - 2011

The New York Review of Books: Prison Rape and the Government

This is the fifth time in the past year that a JDI article about the human rights crisis of prisoner rape in the U.S. has appeared in the Review. In this latest piece, David Kaiser and I tell the story of yet another of JDI's courageous survivor advocates, Jan Lastocy, who was raped again and again by the officer who supervised her at a Michigan prison.

We also analyze a new set of proposed national standards aimed at ending sexual abuse in detention. The Department of Justice now estimates that at least 216,600 people are victimized behind bars every year in this country -- more than 17,100 of them in juvenile detention. Overall, that's almost 600 a day, or 25 an hour. As huge as this problem is, it's also solvable: as the Department of Justice acknowledges, there is nothing inevitable about rape in prison. But the specific measures the Department has proposed to address this human rights crisis are much weaker than they should be.

The Department of Justice's standards are currently in a public comment period. That means each and every one of you has a unique opportunity to weigh in and tell the government that enough is enough: the time has come to end the madness of prisoner rape once and for all.

To read "Prison Rape and the Government" please click here.

To find out how to submit a public comment, please visit http://justdetention.org/en/takeaction.aspx.

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