E-NEWS - 2010

Federal Report to the UN Highlights Fight Against Prisoner Rape

At its core, the fight to end sexual abuse in detention is about safe-guarding basic human rights. As part of our work, JDI monitors the United States' compliance with international human rights treaties that prohibit torture. Today the Obama Administration submitted a report to the United Nations assessing U.S. fulfillment of such obligations. The report, a self-evaluation conducted by the State Department, is part of the Universal Periodic Review, a new UN process that assesses the human rights records of member nations every four years.

Today's report references U.S. government efforts to end prisoner rape, including the passage of the Prison Rape Elimination Act and the release of proposed national standards aimed at ending sexual abuse in detention, currently under review by the U.S. Attorney General.

This past spring, our staff participated in consultation sessions with the Department of State in preparation for the Universal Periodic Review. In our testimony, we noted the need for the Obama Administration to improve its protections of inmates by signing the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture and by adopting strong national standards aimed at ending sexual abuse in detention.

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to protect the fundamental right of every person to be free from sexual violence, no matter their custody status.

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