7,500 People Call for an End to Sexual Abuse in Detention

April 27, 2010 -

Yesterday, we reached our goal of mobilizing 7,500 people to speak out in favor of strong national standards aimed at ending sexual violence behind bars. Thanks to your support, we have sent a powerful message to Attorney General Eric Holder, who is currently reviewing proposed standards, developed by the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission. Until May 10, the Department of Justice is accepting public comments on the standards. Each petition you and other JDI supporters have signed will be included in the official record of public comments.

We still have two weeks before the comment period ends and we want to get even more signatures -- our new goal is 10,000. Please help us support the absolute right of everyone, regardless of custody status, to be free from sexual violence by sharing this link with family and friends:

Thank you for your help in ensuring that the Attorney General takes advantage of this historic opportunity to end prisoner rape.

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