E-NEWS - 2010

Continued Media Coverage of Sexual Abuse in Juvenile Detention

January 15, 2010 -

The flurry of media attention triggered by last week's release of a Bureau of Justice Statistics report on sexual violence in juvenile detention continued unabated this week. JDI was especially pleased that The Washington Post and The New York Times published editorials on the issue. Both urged Attorney General Eric Holder to codify national standards addressing sexual abuse behind bars -- standards that JDI helped develop and that have been before the Attorney General for well over six months.

Here is a selection of the media coverage from this week -- visit our website for more: www.justdetention.org.

The New York Times
The Economist
The Washington Post
Austin American-Statesman
The Oklahoman
Indianapolis Star
Richmond Times-Dispatch

This extensive media attention is a welcome boost to JDI's efforts, but cannot in itself change the status quo. Thank you for continuing to support our work as we urge the Obama Administration to enact the national standards, quickly and fully.

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