E-NEWS - 2009

A New Leader in the Effort to End Prisoner Rape: Macomb County Jail in Michigan

November 19, 2009 -

Just Detention International (JDI) is pleased to begin working with yet another corrections agency - Macomb County Sheriff's Office in Michigan - that has made the bold decision to become an "early adopter" of the first-ever national standards addressing sexual abuse in detention.

These pivotal standards, which were released in June 2009 by the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission, are currently under review by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Once approved, they will become binding on all U.S. prisons and jails.

Located just north of Detroit, the Macomb County jail is a large facility with more than 1,200 beds, holding both male and female detainees. In recent months, JDI staff have met with officials at the jail, reviewed policies and practices, toured the facility, and begun preparing the jail to become an early adopter of the national standards.

"In the interest of doing the right thing, we are working toward compliance with the new standards and I am very happy that we have someone to assist us," says Michelle Sanborn, Jail Administrator in Macomb County. "We're looking forward to JDI helping us, and to sharing whatever we know with other agencies in our state and elsewhere."

As an early adopter of the national standards Macomb County joins the ranks of jurisdictions demonstrating true leadership in the effort to end sexual abuse in detention.

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