Christopher, Texas
Christopher is a prisoner in a Texas state prison who has been sexually assaulted multiple times. He has often been forced to seek protection from one perpetrator in order to avoid further assaults. Read Christopher's story »

Soaring Eagle, Texas
After being raped by two of her cellmates at a Texas county jail, Soaring Eagle became a Peer Educator to share her story and to help other prisoners. Her testimony is dedicated to Rodney Hulin, a teenage Texas prisoner who killed himself after being repeatedly raped in an adult prison. Read Soaring Eagle's story »

Micah, California
Micah was raped and tortured by law enforcement officers in a police lock-up. He faced many challenges trying to report the abuse and was denied follow-up services, such as counseling and medical care. He has since been released from jail and is struggling to rebuild his life while facing the emotional scars of the abuse. Read Micah's story »

Loretta, Virginia
While detained at the Rappahannock Regional Jail, a male corrections officer sexually abused Loretta over a period of months. She reported the abuse, which led to the officer's conviction on sexual misconduct charges. Consequently, staff and inmates have retaliated against her. Read Loretta's story »

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